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World Menstrual Hygiene Day

Blog >> World Menstrual Hygiene Day Menstrual hygiene is a term which is officially a taboo for a lot of people. It is considered as a “private” thing which should not be discussed in the open. Menstrual hygiene is not just about sanitary pads, it is much more than that. Supporting women during menstruation is […]

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Distance From Tension

Blog >> Distance From Tension Psychologists say that about 75% of diseases are related to tension. According to a recent World Health Organization survey, “about 20% of the world’s population suffers from this disease.” In our country, because of the high economic pressure, It is estimated that this ratio will be higher here. What is tension? […]

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Corona Virus, Some Misconceptions And Their Answers

Blog >> Corona Virus, Some Misconceptions And Their Answers In today’s column we will only talk about some of the common misconceptions about corona virus that are related to its basic symptoms. For the past several days many of our acquaintances have been asking us about it and many senior junior friends. People in his […]

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Cheese A Health Food

Blog >> Cheese A Health Food Almost 8,000 years, a variety of cheeses have been produced around the world through milk. This increase has led to a 50% increase in milk consumption over the past 40 years. It should be noted that most dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, etc. are made from cow’s milk. […]

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Aging Can Be Reduced

Blog >> Aging Can Be Reduced Walking briskly or cycling is not only beneficial for health but it also slows down the journey towards old age. This claim has come to light in a medical study conducted in the United States. According to research, light exercise such as brisk walking or cycling at high speed not […]

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How healthy is your breakfast cereal

Blog >> How healthy is your breakfast cereal What do you prefer for breakfast these days? Is it a stuffed parantha, a chicken sandwich or a bowl of your favorite cereal? Kids grow up eating cold breakfast cereals, you plan to start your day healthy by having a bowl of cereal, to lose weight you […]

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Best Foods With Calcium For Kids

Blog >> PCOS Diet What To Eat & What To Avoid Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition that leads to hormonal imbalances and issues with metabolism. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a frequent health condition characterized by one from 10 girls of childbearing age. PCOS may also result in other serious health issues, for example, diabetes, cardiovascular […]

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Roasted Tomato

Blog >> Roasted Tomato Tomatoes are an integral part of Indian cooking. The tangy flavor of tomatoes is hard to miss. They give distinct flavor to the food and are also good for weight loss. I recommend roasted tomatoes because they are have many nutrients. How to do it? Roasted tomatoes are very good for […]

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