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In today’s column we will only talk about some of the common misconceptions about corona virus that are related to its basic symptoms. For the past several days many of our acquaintances have been asking us about it and many senior junior friends. People in his circle of friends are asking similar questions to doctors. For example, Dr. Sahib! I had a mild cough yesterday. Is this Corona? Or a woman who had been feeling chest tightness for months, wondering if it was Corona.

Someone asks if I had a shortness of breath this morning, do I have corona? Or I have a cold, I think I have a corona – the common cold is common these days anyway, it’s nothing new but because of the corona virus it has also become a symbol of fear at this time and here If someone sneezes, everyone thinks that he has coronary heart disease.

The same is true of cough. Coughing has been a common occurrence among smokers or drug addicts for years now, but in the current situation, even a mild cough is disturbing. First of all, understand that the biggest symptom found so far in coronavirus patients worldwide is persistent fever, which was initially reported to be 100 degrees or more, but is now new. Research has shown that it can be mild, but the fever is persistent, as well as a dry cough that is persistent (remember it is a cough, a dry cough, it does not contain mucus), and thirdly. He has a feeling of tightness in the chest or difficulty in breathing and this symptom is also constant.

At the same time, although there have been many cases in which no known symptom has been found in the patients, but their number is equal to the salt in the flour, although the precautionary aspect should be maintained anyway. We have described these symptoms in detail in the previous columns. Have been stated, but it is important to reiterate them here so that the reader can understand it well.

If you have a cold or a mild cough, or if at some point or another you have difficulty breathing for one and a half times, it does not necessarily mean that you have to. Corona is done. Don’t blame it on yourself. And don’t bother yourself and the rest of the family. It is more likely that it is a common cold or cough, or if someone has asthma or pneumonia or a heart condition, then shortness of breath in such patients is the cause of the disease.

Happens from this does not necessarily mean that he is coronary. So be content. Reassure yourself and your family that this is part of the routine and will pass, as has been the case with almost all of us in our society for centuries. If so, in the first stage, isolate yourself in a room of the house and keep checking the symptoms. Paracetamol is commonly used in homes for fever, so in case of persistent fever, take the same in the morning and evening and increase your strength. Use fruits, vegetables, juices and water as much as possible to boost immunity (remember, use more of these things even under normal circumstances as they boost the human immune system and keep it healthy), It will usually go away on its own in three to four days, but only if the symptoms are severe

And even if a person is positive for corona virus, it does not necessarily mean death, but even if the symptoms are not very severe, there is a 96-97 percent chance that you will take precautionary measures. And it will be completely cured in 7-10 days through symptomatic treatment. In case of severe symptoms, hospitalization or quarantine will be required.

A question is also asked about the corona virus in children. Parents with common sense are happy to read the information available on social media that corona virus has no effect on children, while serious parents are rightly concerned about young children. Are worried As parents are naturally more sensitive about their children, it is important to consider this aspect as well.

According to the research done so far, the cases of corona virus in children are almost non-existent and recently 44672 authentic corona patients were studied at Yale University Connecticut USA out of which only 1023 ie one percent patients are less than ten years. Older children were found and none of them died of the corona virus. (Research and analysis cited by Layal Liverpool This news certainly has a happy side for parents and a source of satisfaction for them. While children under the age of ten are generally still naturally protected from the effects of the epidemic, there is also the concern that children are still infected with the corona virus, albeit only one percent.

It is important to keep in mind that although the coronavirus mortality rate in children is zero, children can still be potential carriers or careers for the corona virus and can infect their parents and family members. Taking your children out of the house will be a must for your children to interact with other children which is very difficult if not impossible to stop.

Therefore, to protect your children and yourself and your family and the people around you, strictly confine small children like adults to homes because in the current situation this is the only way you can do it. Can stop the spread of the virus. (Edit: In our calorie column, 560 calories of chicken curry were mistakenly hidden, while the correct calories are 239 at 100 grams per plate, similarly points 4 and 14 are the same, a chapatti has 104 calories ۔ This mistake was pointed out by our old friend Dr. Fahad Iqbal, currently residing in England. Similarly, in the column of the first episode of forced lockdown on mosques, we used the term neighborhood on which our elder and Arabic teacher Allama Afzal Munirabad resident Munirabad Wah has kindly drawn our attention to the fact that in terms of language, the word “neighborhood” is the correct term. We apologize to all our readers and thank all the friends from the bottom of our hearts.


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