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Walking briskly or cycling is not only beneficial for health but it also slows down the journey towards old age. This claim has come to light in a medical study conducted in the United States. According to research, light exercise such as brisk walking or cycling at high speed not only improves the body’s immune system, sharpens the mind, helps in sleep and is important for muscles. It also slows down the breakdown of body cells. Research has shown that this habit is useful in rebuilding the structure of cells.

According to research, these physical activities slow down the process of changes in the body with age and it is not possible to do so with any kind of medicine. The researchers said that basic scientific data spots the idea that physical activity increases with age. Are necessary to prevent or delay it and there is no other alternative.

Another study in the United States found that a small reduction in food intake slows down the aging process. Over time, wrinkles begin to appear on the skin of the person and the skin that is said to have aged. But if you use foods that reduce wrinkles, then aging will come much later.

Let’s learn about some of these foods,

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which make human skin soft and beautiful.

If you have nail pimples on the skin, use plenty of coconut. It saves the skin from grains. It will keep the skin fresh which will make the age look younger.

contain oleic acid, which helps digest omega-3 fatty acids. Olives have the property of meeting the body’s need for fat and having a pleasant effect on health.

Dark chocolate contains ingredients that protect the skin from the scorching sun and also prevent aging. Dark or dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than green tea and blueberries.

Red peppers
contain good amounts of vitamins A and E, which are very good for the skin. They also contain bioflavonoids, which keep the skin hydrated and soft.

Evaluate the benefits of tomatoes from the fact that many companies around the world use tomato ingredients in their skin products. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which works well against skin as well as cancer.

Turmeric is useful for the skin. Turmeric contains an antioxidant Curcumin which is said to be useful for the skin. Its use keeps the skin soft and smooth and does not cause wrinkles. The habit of cycling slowly. I am getting less and less.

Experts say that there is no better exercise than cycling. This exercise also keeps away from old age. A study compares amateur cyclists to non-regular cyclists. It has been found that cycling strengthens muscles and bones and, despite old age, raises body fat and cholesterol to a certain extent. It helps to keep.

The habit of cycling in men also keeps the levels of their special hormone testosterone high. Another surprising thing is that the positive effects of cycling reach the immune system which fights diseases in our body. There is no better exercise than cycling, says Professor Janet Lord, head of the Institute of Aging and Inflammation at the University of Birmingham.

Professor Lord said that research shows that regular exercise can solve many problems in old age. We live longer but in the meanwhile health is ruined and diseases go home. Regular cyclists are very old. To some extent, human beings can be protected from diseases as long as they continue to do so. Cycling naturally helps to keep the body away from many diseases


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